Saturday, November 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

These wild turkeys sat on our fence several weeks ago, taunting the dogs and making themselves known to the neighborhood. We first saw them when they were tiny--about 15 of them running together. Now there are only a few left. Maybe they are hiding from turkey hunting humans. Not to worry; there are no hunters in our house. Our golden retriever has made it his job to chase them out of the yard and our pug has joined in the chase. The turkeys have helped us mentally prepare for Thanksgiving, that uniquely American holiday. We have family visiting from Sweden but I think they are familiar with our Thanksgiving ways. The Swedes in our house don't care for turkey much so we also prepare enchiladas, which makes me happy since I grew up in New Mexico. My side of the family enjoys their Mexican food in addition to an occasional turkey leg. And don't forget the dressing!
Two Of The Fifty Or So Wild Turkeys In Our Yard!

Monday, November 1, 2010


OK. So what I learned here is that I really need to learn how to do this better! And I need to get a larger computer screen--but everything in its own time. Right?

A big thank you to every person who participated by voting and some of you included the contest in your tweets--something I have not learned how to do yet--and maybe never will--but thank you. I have many things to learn.

It was a tight race between Ugo and Romualdo with Ozzy coming in next. I counted wrong a couple of times and pretty much lost control of the whole thing--but---Romualdo, my bat came back yesterday after being gone for at least three days. I had a family member draw one of the strips of paper for the winner between Romualdo and Ugo. Romualdo it is. I will be sending a "certficate" for $20 to etherealflowers for suggesting Romualdo and for providing pronunciation help! I will also send a $10 gift certificate to kosmika for suggesting Ugo, a name that almost won. Additionally, I selected Mairi for voting. Actually, Mairi voted twice for Ozzy because she like it so much!

So to recap:

$20 gift certificate to etherealflowers
$10 gift certificate to kosmika
$10 gift certificate to Mairi

I'll send verification to each of you in the next two days. Thank you for participating and for being such good sports. I'll try to be more organized the next time I do this. You have been terrific!

Romualdo, Our Bat Visitor